A Step-by-step Guide To Installing LED Panels

Installing LED panels could be as simple as 1-2-3 with Lamp Shop Online. This guide is designed to stroll you through each step and provide you with an outline of LED panel set up.

Key factors

Why use LED gentle panels?

How to put in recessed mounting

How to put in suspended mounting

Emergency lighting

Insulation and LEDs

Remaining secure

Why use LED gentle panels?

LEDs can provide help to save cash on your lighting invoice, offering up to 37.5% savings on vitality whereas remaining vibrant. They have an average life of 35,000 to 50,000 hours.

LED lighting utilises a process referred to as “thermal management”, which permits the floor of the light panel to remain cool even after quite a few hours of use. Thermal administration implies that the overall temperature of your location is not affected by your mild fixtures.

Over the lifetime of LED panels, less electricity and alternative products are wanted, decreasing costs in packaging, transportation and upkeep. This provides up to decrease CO2 emissions, which means you’re serving to the environment in addition to yourself!

For more information, have a look at our guide to LED panels.

How to put in recessed mounting

You’ll be able to install Lamp Shop Online’s LED panels in six simple steps:

1. Switch the power off.

2. Lift the recessed modular fitting into the ceiling.

3. Disconnect the fitting from the mains and remove it.

4. Wire the led panel driver to the mains

5. Place the panel into the recessed ceiling and connect the male/female connector.

6. Adjust into place.

It’s that simple! With these three straightforward steps, you’ll have a fashionable wanting workplace very quickly!


Retrofitting LED lights to substitute traditional halogen is simply as easy. Both use the identical point of contact within the main power provide; it’s simply a case of using the accurately sized LED.

Two standard sizes of tile are sometimes used for suspended ceilings – 600mm x 600mm, or 1200mm x 600mm. When you loved this short article and you wish to receive more info concerning ceiling led panel light supply kindly visit our own web site. There are options for others, but these are a lot rarer.

Have a have a look at our vary of LED panels and discover the fitting match for you.

How to install suspended mounting

Suspended mounting may give your office a trendy, modern look. With Lamp Shop Online’s surface mounting equipment, installation couldn’t be simpler. They’re designed to fit immediately into current standard plasterboard ceilings without the trouble of getting to chop frames.

You may set up suspender LED panels in simply 4 steps:

1. Surface mounts come in four components which you construct as a body, leaving a aspect of the body open to slide the LED panel in.

2. Ensuring the power provide is off, wire the principle energy supply to the 240v drive.

3. Plug the panel into the driver.

4. Use a screw to fix the 2 hanging cables to the roof, guaranteeing that the cables are adjusted to maintain the LED panel horizontally aligned.

Surface mounts are an ideal choice if you happen to don’t have a recessed ceiling.

Emergency lighting

Lamp Shop Online presents emergency LED panels. Quite a lot of your put in panels ought to be emergency-particular. Within the occasion of a power failure, ceiling led panel light supply the emergency LED panels will provide gentle in outlined space for no less than three hours.

Can I place insulation on high of LED lighting?

Although LED lights run a lot cooler than typical halogen lights, their parts can nonetheless get sizzling. This could cause a fireplace danger if the LED is smothered by insulation. This can also be the case for halogen lights, so the room is not going to require additional insulation for LED lights.

Remaining secure

Installing Lamp Shop Online’s LED panels isn’t exhausting, but when you’re doing it for the primary time, it could be a challenge. Ensure you’re protected when installing the fixtures as a result of electricity isn’t any joke. In case you are nervous about installing yourself, simply get a professional to install it for you.

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