A single father who won a court battle against bookies Betfred has landed £600,000 more than his £1

A single father who won a court battle against bookies Betfred has landed £600,000 more than his £1.7million jackpot – after a judge ruled he should also get interest.

Andrew Green, 54, took the bookmakers to the High Court after they refused in January 2018 to deliver his winnings, claiming there had been a ‘software glitch’.

But Mrs Justice Foster ruled in his favour and threw out Betfred’s bid to stop the amount being paid in April.

She has now heard representations from both parties and ruled he should get a further £600,000 in interest and costs – taking his win to an incredible £2.3million total.

Usually courts calculate interest on sums on the basis of a rate of around 8 per cent, although this can vary. 

He had been denied the money for some three-and-a-half years, which would equate to around £450,000 interest on that area of rate.

Mr Green, who lives in Lincoln, told MailOnline: ‘They announced I could have my money, but it did take another two weeks to decide what the interest on that should be.

‘In the end I got £2.3million, so it did cost them a lot to battle it.If they had paid me in the first place they would have saved that £600,000 in interest and costs.

Andrew Green outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London after he won his  High Court fight

Mr Green won the £1.7million playing Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven game back in 2018

The screengrab which showed that Mr Queen had won the huge amount on the betting app

‘So I am a millionaire now.It has taken some getting used to and I have spent a little bit, giving some gifts to family and 카지노사이트 I have bought myself a new car.

‘It was £32,000 and it was hard because to me that is a lot of money. I’ve been a single parent since 2011 and it has often been a struggle with finances.

‘Being careful with money is a habit that has been hard to get out of.

‘I still find myself going down the reduced aisle in the supermarket even now.’ 

Mr Green’s three-and-a-half year legal ordeal was brought to a close this year after the High Court decided in his favour.

The lucky winner, who runs a metal coating business with his brother, 카지노사이트 admitted tough nights during the pandemic, when he shielded over a heart condition, when all he could think about was the case.

But he declared he would do it all over again if he had to, because he is an ‘honest guy’ who ‘would not be bullied.

Because he did not get the money straight away after the court victory he had to celebrate his triumph with just a £10 pizza and bottle of Coke.

Down to earth millionaire Andrew Green outside Buckingham Palace this morning after win

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